Wednesday, March 23

Shopping at Classifieds

Classifieds are a real finding for everyone who has figured out all their advantages. They are a collection of advertisements gathered at one place, usually a newspaper or a website, which represent a wide variety of items and services from different spheres.

They are a universal shopping spot. Unlike online stores with narrow range of choice, here you can find absolutely everything. Let’s take, for instance, Being the biggest Nigerian classifieds, they offer items and goods in a range from food for pets to land plots.

One more difference between web stores and classifieds is that classifieds ensure direct communication between users and don’t involve any shopping assistants or side agents. This resembles how a market works: sellers advertising their goods and potential buyers looking for an optimal price-quality solution. There is only one significant difference. At classifieds you don’t have to pay for a market stall. You can post adverts for free on Jiji.

This is a lucky chance for many people and the opportunity attracting new users all the time. That is probably a reason why Jiji is No. 1 classifieds in Nigeria. It is a place where everything fits in and everything can be found easily. All items are divided into different categories, and there are twelve of them at the website. Total amount of active offers is over 520,000, and they attract over 10,000,000 every month.

Shopping at classifieds clearly shows how marketplaces are going to look in the future. It doesn’t mean that good old markets are going to disappear completely. But online shopping will be a priority. People lead very busy lifestyles nowadays, and every opportunity to save some time and even money is really attractive. Though users can buy everything just by using their laptops or Smartphones, with classifieds, human communication factor still remains in priority.

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