Wednesday, March 2

Woman sustain horrific burns after ex lover pours hot water on her whole body

A mother of two reveals shocking photographs of her permanent scars after her thug ex-boyfriend poured a kettle of boiling water over her a day after she ended their relationship. Jason McLean left Suzanne Thomas fearing for her life when he pounced on her after breaking into her home a day after she ended their relationship.
Before she could escape, the jealous man dragged her inside, threatened her with a knife, kicked her to the floor and stamped on her head and then emptied a full kettle of hot water over her. The Sun UK reports.

McLean went on the run but shockingly managed to sneak into the 33-year-old's hospital room while she was recovering to warn: "You haven't seen anything yet - if you think this is bad see what comes next."

Suzanne is still receiving treatment for the third-degree burns and has bravely released photos of her injuries for the first time and also details of what happened.

She reveal that she went out with pals and returned with one girlfriend in the early hours to find her living room window open and McLean inside with a knife.
He jumped out of the window and forced her to open the door while her friend ran for help.

Suzanne recalled:
"I was trying to calm him down, but he just wasn't hearing it.
"He started kicking me and I fell to the ground and he carried on with the kicking, and stamping on my head.
"That's when I don't know if I passed out briefly because when I went to sit up he was holding a kettle above me.He poured that directly on my lap, all down my legs and my stomach. I was screaming.
"He said 'do you want another one?' and he went back to the kitchen, but that's when the police came.
"I went straight into shock and then it felt freezing cold. The pain was horrific."It was absolutely the worst pain I have ever been in. It felt like someone was ripping sheets of skin off me  but slowly.
"What Jason did to me that night has completely changed my life - I can't even face having a bath as a fear of water still haunts me."
"At first I was angry, and then after seeing him smirking in court all I wanted was to see him get a good sentence and I think he did.
Suzanne has since moved to Skegness, Lincs., where she is trying to start a new life with her two school-aged daughters. She still has to apply cream daily, take regular painkillers and can't go in chlorinated water or into the sun without extremely high-factor sun cream.

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