Thursday, April 21

Auto crash on Benin-Ore expressway as driver sleeps off

A driver of one of the 'God Is Good' Motors, travelling from Asaba to Lagos on Tuesday April 19 reportedly slept off while driving on the Benin-Ore expressway, which resulted in a terrible accident.

Some passengers in the bus narrated that the bus started weaving from left to right without any pothole when the passenger sitting beside him noticed the driver was actually sleeping.

The passenger immediately tried to reach for the steering to control the vehicle back onto the main road, but he wasn’t very successful as he was held back by his seat belt. At this point, the bus hit a bump and tipped over. Some of the passengers were injured but luckily no life was lost.

When confronted, the very apologetic driver said he had driven from Lagos to Asaba the previous night and hadn’t had enough sleep before being asked to embark on the day’s journey.

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