Tuesday, April 5

Heartbreaking photos of a mentally challenged woman abandoned to die in Ibadan

As written by an eyewitness. Read below...

My aim of writing is because I want you to help call on the necessary authorities to carry a mentally derailed in my area that's in Ajibode, University of Ibadan extension, Ibadan. The lady is called Victoria and she is presently behind the primary health care centre there. She used to be very active and industrious, she picks empty bottles and goes to Ojoo market to sell. Was even told she has kids and husband but nobody knows where they are.

I had an encounter one day, I was buying pepper from a woman, and the woman needed some change, she approached her, and she helped changed the money into lower denominations.
she left the area sometime,but when she came she became very sick.

 I saw her on my way back from work yesterday close to the road where she could easily be killed by a vehicle, but everyone just looked with pity and left. So with the help of some ladies we were able to carry her from the roadside and put her behind the maternity centre, bought food for her and paracetamol. of course she muttered some words saying " E sanu mi, ara n ro mi" Have mercy on me I am in pain. she even requested for mirinda which she was given, she sat up took the drug and drank the mirinda.

 This morning i went there to give her food, but what I say was something else. I spoke with a nurse and she told me she conducted a test on her last week and she is HIV positive, was told she stole fish, was beaten to a pulp that was why her condition worsened. Since 2008 that i have lived in the area she has never stolen, she makes money, buy raw food and cooks by herself. so if she stole it must have been because of her health issues probably she was hungry.

She used to stay in that dirty place with refuse before now.

Kindly help call the necessary authority to do something about her.

Sent by Olamide Olajide

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