Monday, April 18

Lobatan! Ex-governor, Segun Oni says Fayose needs spiritual deliverance

The former governor of Ekiti state, Segun Oni has stated that his successor, Ayodele Fayose needs to be spiritually delivered from emotional bondage.

Segun Oni, who is the deputy national chairman (South) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), issued a statement in reaction to Fayose’s letter to the Chinese government not to give $2 billion loan to Nigeria.

 The statement made by Oni’s media office read in part:

“Governor Fayose was in his characteristic state of hallucination when he wrote the letter and claimed, while reveling in his world of ecstatic fantasy, to be voicing the opinion of Nigerians.
“Fayose’s seemingly strange behavior is not strange to people like us, as he is only behaving to type. “We called the attention of the people to his conduct years ago, during his first term as governor, after the under-the-barb-wire drama at the airport, that any governor, who chooses to pass under the barb-wire at an international airport, whatever the circumstance, cannot be a normal person and should have his fitness for the exalted office ascertained.”
 According to Oni, sincere associates of Governor Fayose should “take steps towards affirming his emotional and psychological stability in order to save him from himself”.

Meanwhile, John Oyegu, the national chairman of the APC, has also blasted Fayose saying such criticism was a display of gross ignorance.‎

“Nigerians should ask Fayose what he was doing in China. Anyway, we are not bothered, the president is not bothered. A man who could put his father in his car boot, what do you expect from him?” he said.

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