Friday, April 22

Tiwa Savage talks about being sexy after child birth and s.ex education

Nigerian female singer, Tiwa Savage has stated clearly that having a baby does not make a woman less sexy and doesn't make one look less appealing or reduce the fan base in the case of a female entertainer as generally believed.

The Mavin Records first lady, in a recent interview with Hip TV said that being sexy is what got the women pregnant in the first place hence it is hard to conclude that women lose their appeal after childbirth. See the video below

The 36-year-old mother of one said:

“I think a lot of women will agree with me that when you give birth it doesn’t mean you’ll stop being sexy…at all. 
“I mean, it’s probably being sexy that got us pregnant in the first place. So having a baby doesn’t change anything. It just makes me obviously more responsible. I have a lot to live for, I have a lot to work for. But as a woman, I’m still who I am so that’s not gonna change.”
Talking about sex education and its importance to the society,

She stated that the subject is very important hence her recent involvement in the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative campaign with Paul Okoye, an initiative that helped enlighten the society on family planning and the use of contraception among sexually active adults.

The music stars recorded a song titled Get It Together in February 2016 to help further cause. She said:
“I think sex education is very important that’s why I even got involved with the program called Get It Together with Paul Okoye. It is [something] about family planning. As Africans, sometimes we advise the youths that the best way is to abstain and not have sex but you and I know it’s unrealistic. They will have sex. “So it’s better for us to teach them how to have safe sex.” 

Watch the full interview below:

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