Monday, April 25

Unilag students condemn signing of "re-absorption oath"

Students of University of Lagos, Unilag, has condemned the directive of the school's senate, that every student of the institution must sign a re-absorption oath and parents/guardians to sign indemnity form, before they could be taken back as students of the institution, following the recent students' protest over unavailability of water and electricity in their hostels.  Read below...


Dear Akokites,

It is important for us to understand the implications of the “re-absorption oath” meted out to us by our school management because it determines our fate as students of this University.

Firstly, the re-absorption oath means that we all had been either expelled or rusticated and we are now being given conditions for them to re-admit us into the school. It is a public knowledge that no student was expelled or rusticated when the school was closed down, what the management suspended was the academic activities; this then means that the management has not been consistent with their actions and decisions.

These are the consequences of filling the “re-absorption oath”:

1. UNILAG MGMT: I will pay due respect and obedience to the authorities of the University of Lagos and I will faithfully observe all regulations, which may, from time to time, be issued for the good administration of the University.

Which means:
The management will always decide what is good and what is bad, signing this will bring about obnoxious rules that students will be compelled to comply with. How then do we express our grievances if we feel that a policy is not in our interest and we have already signed an oath that we will always obey “all regulations”?

2. UNILAG MGMT: I am not a secret cult member.

Which means:

That we all have been accused of cultism and this is a condition for our “re-absorption”

3. UNILAG MGMT: During the period of study in this University, I shall not belong to any secret cult and shall not in any way, aid and abet cultism.

Which means:

If you have a colleague or course mate or roommate that has been indicted, you will be nailed and you have no right to defend yourself because you have signed an oath to obey “all regulations”.

4. UNILAG MGMT: I shall only belong to a student organisation, approved by the University Authority.

Which means:

You will be expelled if you are a member of any religious organisation that is not under the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) or the University of Lagos Joint Campus Fellowship (UJCF) and you cannot contest your expulsion because of the oath you have signed and because they consider other organisations has illegal.

5. UNILAG MGMT: I shall not either alone, or in conjunction with other students, engage in any acts of violence, or other improper conduct or in acts calculated to damage the property of the University and bring the University into disrepute.

Which means:

We cannot express our grievances over a missing result, pre-requisite and other academic issues, poor welfarism, and violation of our fundamental human rights. Simply put, we cannot protest again.

6. UNILAG MGMT: I have not registered for, neither will I register for, or undertake any other course of study either on full-time or part-time basis in this or any other institution during the period of my studentship in the University.

Which means:

You cannot register for ICAN, ACCA, NIM, CISCO, CIPM, ISON, online course(s) and all other academic programmes outside UNILAG that can add value to your CV even while on holiday. These are things they will use to nail us and we cannot complain after signing this oath.

7. UNILAG MGMT: In case of any breach of any of the clauses of this Oath, the Senate has the sole prerogative to apply appropriate sanctions.

Which means:

You can be unjustly expelled or rusticated if the Senate or Management deems it fit that you have acted against their will and obnoxious policies and you cannot challenge it if you sign the oath.

8. UNILAG MGMT: My parents/guardian have guaranteed my resolve to abide by this declaration during my period of studies in the University.

Which means:

Your parents/guardian cannot complain, go to court, or challenge the Senate or Management if you are unjustly expelled or rusticated because they would have consented to oath.

Look before you leap, do not sign an oath that will silence you throughout your stay on campus.


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