Friday, June 24

Ben Affleck reveals his split from Jennifer Lopez had a negative effect on his career

Hollywood actor, Ben Affleck, has revealed that his career suffered a decline, following his split from popular singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez. Affleck made this known on Wednesday, June 22, 2016, during a chat on “Any Given Wednesday“, hosted by Bill Simmons.

He said, "If you went by what people said … I wasn't cool and I wasn't talented, and I was, like, the lowest rung of cool and talented that you could possibly be in the public consciousness at that time,"
"I had broken up with Jennifer Lopez and I had, like, three or four movies in a row that had bombed."

The actor also added that he became a comic muse for comedian, Robert Wuhl, who made him the subject of a United Airline clip. This prompted him to consider a new path in movie directing, as such personalities are taken more seriously.

Affleck went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture for his work in “Argo”, a 2012 movie.
Other movies he directed include “The Town” and “Gone Baby Gone”.

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