Saturday, June 11

Not even marriage can cure Denrele's craze

If there was any expectation that marriage would possibly tame Denrele Edun‘s crazy lifestyle, that notion has been firmly put to bed by the eccentric media personality himself.

Famously known for his over-the-edge style of dressing, the lanky weirdo has said his future wife (we’re impatiently waiting would have to put up with his lifestyle unless she wants to go ‘hungry’.

‘Marriage is all about cordial communication. Anybody that I have found and want to marry that tries to change me would just be sent back to their family house and I will collect my bride price,’ 
‘It cannot happen because at the end of the day, we would be hungry at home and we would be looking at ourselves. It cannot happen. Marriage would definitely not tone me down and I would still remain the person that I am. I know that there is always that factor of staying true to one person which we are working on but we are getting there." he said in a recent chat with Punch.

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