Tuesday, June 28

Peculiar Okafor: The Person Who Will Rule the World

An interesting and insightful piece by Peculiar Okafor. Enjoy!

I am born to rule,
I am born to reign
I am a barrier breaker,
a line crosser 
We all want to be successful and it seems a lot of people want to rule, but then we have seen mighty people with potential, crumble – and people who no one gave a chance, succeed. But it seems there are characteristics of people who eventually rule the world.

1. The person that will rule the world fully accepts, understands and believes in himself/herself
Being honest about your strengths and weaknesses and believing that you’re still beautiful. e.g  I’m a tall, beautiful, smart, diplomatic person (strength). I am prone to perfectionism/beating myself down (weakness). A healthy self esteem is important in life.

2. The person who will rule the world seeks first to understand
People who will eventually lead do not fight life. They first seek to understand the world – why people do what they do, history and patterns. They do this by listening and observing non-judgmentally. They also believe the best until proven other wise. They learn the rules of life and the industry and follow them. They do not assume that their way is automatically better.

3. The person who will rule the world is grateful
Grateful for the gift of life, for the friends around, for the annoying job, mean boss and all.  He/She faces life with an optimism and eternal gratitude. They do not take anything for granted and they are quick to say thank you because they know that nothing is a given.

4. The person who will rule the world is gracious in times of hurt and failure
They can smile when things are said about them that are not right. They take the pain of hurt and seeming failure and they do not back-stab, hurt or treat people wrongly. They know that phases pass, but words and ill treatments to others last. They also do not ask ‘why me?’ because they do not think of themselves more highly than they ought to. They are open to tribulations constantly seeking to learn from them so life’s test do not hurt or linger more than they should. They learn from pain and let go.

5. The person who will rule the world seeks to do things right
They ‘keep their heads when others are losing it’. They speak rightly, act rightly and do not let the bandwagon effect weigh them down. They do not judge others.

6. The person who will rule the world has faith
They trust in a higher power. They believe strongly that it will be well. It is this belief that forms the basis of their behavior. It is why they have a healthy self esteem because God says they are good. They seek to understand others and life because they respect everyone as an image of God and believe in a God that observes principles. They are grateful because they know that all good gifts come from God. They are gracious in times of hurt and failure because they know that all things work together for good because they love God. They seek to do things right and are not afraid to walk alone because they know that their judgement comes from God.

The person who will rule the world has a meek spirit, as the beatitude says ‘Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth’.

Meekness, according to Wikipedia, meaning restraining one’s own power, so as to allow room for others.

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