Tuesday, July 12

Carlo Ancelotti explains why he chose Bayern Munich

Carlo Ancelotti after he was unveiled yesterday as Bayern Munich's new manager, has become the second Italian manager to coach the club. He signed a three-year deal to replace Pep Guardiola at the Allianz Arena.

He said: “I am the second Italian to take charge of the club after Giovanni Trapattoni – a legend. I hope that I also can leave a legacy here as he did.

“I really love my job and we will try to do our best. I know that Bayern have had a fantastic history in the Bundesliga. They have won a lot of titles in a row and have a fantastic history in the Champions League.

“We want to be competitive in all the competitions. A manager can control everything with the help of the club apart from the result unfortunately. If I could control the results I would be a magician, but I am only a manager.

“The Bundesliga is a really interesting championship to be in. With [Borussia] Dortmund and Wolfsburg, it is a competitive championship. What I like is the atmosphere that you can see every single time, at every match, in the stadium with no violence and this is a good image for football.”

He added: “A lot of people ask about the pressure. I have had the luck in my career to coach top, top teams – [AC] Milan, PSG, Chelsea, Juventus, Real Madrid.

“I know every top club wants to win, but honestly I don’t feel a lot of pressure because I am used to it.”

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