Tuesday, July 12

Chinese couple wed in an empty hall as wedding guests failed to show up

They say love is to stand beside your partner through thick and thin, through joy and sorrow.
A Chinese woman has demonstrated the motto with a touching speech she gave after she and her fiancé had to attend their wedding ceremony on their own as the unexpected happened.

Most of the couples' guests failed to attend their nuptials in Xinxiang, central China, due to flooding, but the bride, Zhou Tian said to her groom Wang Lei she was happy as long as she had him.
The engaged couple had planned to hold their wedding on July 9 and invited more than 300 friends and family members to attend. However on the day, the city had severe rainstorms from early morning and streets were quickly flooded.

The bride said: 'There was deep floodwater already at 6am.' Her fiancé, named Wang Lei by news.cn, also had trouble coming to pick her up from her home. Zhou said he told her that morning through a text message that the flood near his house had reach the waist. The groom-to-be said the motorcade wouldn't be able to go and pick her up.

The woman said she finished her makeup at around 10am and put on her wedding dress waiting for her fiancé. She said Wang finally arrived at around 1pm. He was completely soaked and was wearing a pair of flip flops and a vest. There were no guests coming with him, as the Chinese tradition requires. A weeping Zhou immediately went up and hugged Wang.

She told him: 'It doesn't matter we don't have guests. Nor does it matter that we don't have a motorcade or fireworks. As long as I have you, even though you don't look like a groom and are completely soaked.'
The couple then went to the wedding hall in a hotel by carefully driving their car through floodwaters.

After they arrived four hours later than the scheduled wedding, they were told the banquet would not happen as the chefs were not able to come to work due to the extreme weather.

Upon hearing this, the bride-to-be said: 'No matter what happens, I'll marry you.'

A picture has emerged on Chinese media showing Zhou walking down a nearly empty hall as her groom waited for her on the stage. Around 10 guests, out of the 300 invited, ended up attending the ceremony.

Although only few guests were there to witness Zhou and Wang's wedding, thousands of people have sent their wishes to the newlyweds online after reading about their story.

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