Saturday, July 2

Chris Brown reportedly thrown out of rented Ibiza house after messing it up

It seemed Chris Brown was getting more responsible since his daughter, Royalty came into his life but he just keeps getting involved in one messy drama after another, so clearly he still has a lot of growing up to do. Just a after he was accused of beating his former manager, Breezy is once again in trouble.

According to TMZ, he rented a house in Ibiza in June and the landlord has now reported him to the police for trashing the house.

It is being alleged that someone peed on the bed and there was vomit everywhere. Chris also refused to leave the house hours after he was supposed to and refused to pay the rest of the rent for the extra hours and the money for damages.

The landlord got the police to throw him out of the house.

Nnkan mbe!

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