Saturday, July 2

It hurts when people see me as just a dancer, I created P Square's structure - Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye has insisted he is more than just a dancer and it hurts when people see him as such. In a chat with Hip Tv, the music star says he is a very creative person and was responsible for the structure of PSquare.

I don't think there are so much challenges because even on tour as P Square, I was the one doing the whole structure and trying to get things done properly. I will say it in front of the camera. I do a lot.

Some think I talk too much, but for me, there is no challenge because I say the things that I know. I say the things that people should know. I've been a creative person. I'm a very very creative person but people still look at me as a dancer. It hurts but at the end of the day, I'm still a very creative person.

Talking about their drummer Papi J, who is now more on his side, Peter says Papi J is much more than just a drummer and people should expect a lot more from him very soon.

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