Thursday, August 11

15 inmates escape from Nsukka prisons

About 15 prison inmates serving different jail terms Tuesday night, allegedly escaped from Nsukka Prisons, in Enugu State scaling through the perimeter fence of the prison under the cover of darkness. It was reported that the inmates tactfully opened the cell without the knowledge of the warders on night duty and scaled through the perimeter fence of the prison.

It was said that, Nsukka prisons was meant to contain 180 inmates but it allegedly housed about 500 inmates squeezed in compact cells of the prison yard.

When contacted on his mobile phone, the officer in charge of  Nsukka prisons, Mr Okonkwo Lawrence Okonkwo confirmed the jail break but declined to give details and the number of inmates that escaped.

He noted that “The state Controller , Mr Amariri would brief the press and the public on the number of inmates that escaped and the efforts to re-arrest the escapees in the not too distant time.”

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