Wednesday, August 24

7yr old boy suffers rare condition that is turning is hands & feet into 'trees'

A rare condition is turning a seven-year-old boy's hands and feet into a horrible sight, that seemed like a tree-like feature. Ripon Sarker from Thakurgaon, Bangladesh suffers from the condition epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which causes abnormal susceptibility to human papillomavirus causing the growth of scaly warts.

The young boy was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital on August 20 for treatment for the first time, as his family couldn't afford it. His father Mahendra Das said: 'They haven't carried out tests on him. Physicians say they will look into this matter before treatment.'

Poor Ripon cannot walk or eat by himself because of his tree-like hands and feet. Thankfully, doctors have said they are hopeful that his hands and feet are operable as his fingers and toes can still be identified.

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