Friday, August 12

Celebrity Big Brother increases its security after Chloe Khan receives death threats following her raunchy display

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Chloe Khan who on Wednesday night shocked housemates and viewers by stripping, pole dancing topless and begging her boyfriend for sex, (See it here) has received death threats  after her wild antics went viral.

 According to a report by Daily Star UK, Chloe, who is up for eviction, and is a single mum will have security on standby if she's evicted from the house after receiving online death threats.

Celebrity Big Brother is aware of the so many vile and cruel threats she's been receiving since she started displaying her raunchy antics and have ordered more security around her.
On Thursday night, Chloe was seen letting Bear drip chocolate onto her chest before licking it off, and 24 hours earlier she shocked viewers with a raunchy pole dancing routine.

Many viewers took to Twitter to post cruel abuse at her who branded her “a whore’’ and “a disgusting bitch’’.

One wrote:
"Chloe khan is the perfect example of pure vile trash and disgrace! I feel sorry for her daughter and any fans who look up to that! # CBB (sic)"

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