Thursday, August 18

Egypt state TV suspends eight female anchors for being Fat

The Egyptian Radio and Television Union banned the broadcasters from appearing on the air until they lose weight and they’ve been given a month to achieve an “appropriate appearance,”
According to BBC, they were told ''Walk like an Egyptian — and come back when you’ve lost some weight', in a controversial decision that is drawing criticism from women’s groups.

Khadija Khattab, one of the banned broadcasters, told a Saudi newspaper that she finds the decision humiliating. She suggested that people should watch her recent appearances and see for themselves whether or not she’s “fat.”

“I believe I am an ordinary Egyptian woman who looks normal, and I don’t wear too much makeup,” she said

Fatma al-Sharawi, a journalist for the state’s newspaper, supported the move and said it should be implemented at all local TV stations.
Alaa el-Sadani, a commentator at the daily paper, voiced similar views, calling the anchors’ appearance “disgusting and repulsive.”

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