Monday, August 15

How to 'Make Up' in 15 minutes tutorial – Lola OJ

Ever got that dreaded message or phone call that states “Be ready in 15 minutes”!!

Then you even begin contemplating whether or not you’ll even go..but then again…is not being able to get ready in time a valid reason??

When I have only a short space of time to get ready but still need to look very presentable, I omit some things and emphasis on other aspects of the face to draw attention away from the omissions!
You should be left with a simple, yet pretty look!

Ultimately my top tips are below:

Brows – brows are like the windows to your face, get them right and you really don’t have to do much else! 
Foundation – I like to especially apply a thin layer of foundation when I am in a hurry, when you apply heavy foundation but then don’t have time to do contour, highlight, the full package, your face is likely to look incomplete. 
Powder – apply a medium coverage powder across your whole face to even out your skin and give a flawless finish. 
Blush – apply a nice rosy but subtle blush to your cheeks so that your face brightens up and you’ll look cheery. 
Lashes – I can literally apply my lashes in seconds so this saves me time in comparison to spending 10 minutes applying many strokes of mascara. 
Lips – I always go for a nice peachy/pinky gloss when in a hurry, perfecting lip liner and an ombre effect just isn’t ideal when you’re in a rush! Gloss you can literally apply straight to the lips with not much precision and it leaves your lips irresistible. 
In all honesty my eyebrows take about 7 minutes in a hurry and the rest I can pretty much do in a record 8 minutes of so!

I really hope this helps for when you are in a hurry and still want to look glamorous!

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