Monday, August 22

How kind! Mikel Obi gives is own share Of Japanese billionaire Katsuya Takasu’s donation to Samson Siasia

After the U23 Nigerian Olympic football team won the bronze medal at the just concluded Rio 2016 Olympics on Saturday, the team were gifted $390,000 by Japanese billionaire Katsuya Takasu who has been a fan of Nigerian football. He had made the pledge to reward the Nigerian team a few weeks back if they won a medal…but no one thought he was serious until he handed over the cheque to the team's captain, Mikel Obi.

Takasu gave Mikel Obi $190,000 and $200,000 to Head coach, Samson Siasia and the rest of the team to share equally. But Mikel has gone a step further to give his share away to Siasia.

According to reports, the team have also insisted that the NFF will not have any share in the money as they are insisting that they need to confirm the integrity of the donation.

That's so kind of Mikel.

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