Sunday, August 21

Pregnant woman, 4 others brutally killed in horrific crime

Five people including a pregnant woman have been found horrifically murdered with 'multiple weapons' on Saturday night in rural Alabama. Veteran policeman say they are shocked at the scene they found inside the home in Citronelle, south east Alabama where a woman and an infant child was the sole survivor.

Derrick Dearman, a man from across the state line in Greene County, Mississippi, has turned himself in and been arrested for the crime, which the FBI is investigating due to its horrific nature.
Paul Burch of the Mobile County Sheriff's Office told WALA that 27-year-old Dearman will be charged with six counts of capital murder, counting five adult victims and the unborn baby.

Local police chief Shane Stringer said: 'It's a very, very gruesome scene. It's awful,' according to BNO News. The Mobile County district attorney Ashley Rich added:

'I've never seen a scene where there were 5 people that were brutally and viciously murdered, and that's what we have here.'
Deputies say that all the victims appear to be adults, including a woman who was five months pregnant. Identities of the victims are being withheld by authorities at this time.  
'The victims' families have not been notified, and you have to respect that at this point,' Rich said.

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