Friday, August 19

Say what?! Pastor whips church members for engaging in pre-marital sex (Watch)

A Ghanaian pastor, Bishop Daniel Obinim of Obinim Ministries used a belt to beat two youths for engaging in premarital sex. The pastor who brought the ‘couple’ before his congregation whipped the female church member on her body while meting out the same fate to the man who impregnated her.

The female was seen in the video running away from the strokes but was chased by someone believed to be the aide of the pastor. The ‘whipping session’ was done during a service in the church, and was broadcast live on TV. Watch the video after the cut...

The man who was shirtless was whipped repeatedly on the upper part of his body while the congregation sat motionless doing nothing.

However, a Twitter user Austine @obimpenaaustine offered some explanation as to what actually transpired prior to the whipping. He said the Pastor and his wife pay the fees of the young man and lady in the video, and the Bishop whipped them because he said God revealed to him they were trying to have an abortion.

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