Friday, August 12

South African TV Personality, Pearl Thusi talks about living her Hollywood dream

The South Africa born TV and radio personality is currently based in New York while she shoots for the American TV drama series Quantico, whhile she's been there, Pearl has been slowly getting into the life of a Hollywood A-list celeb.

She was recently featured on popular US beauty and lifestyle publication Hello Beautiful, where she spoke of her journey to Hollywood. Read excerpts below...

"I have sent, I won't say hundreds, but so many tapes over to this side of the world (America). A part of me not expecting to hear back,"
"(I started) training myself to get to know the accent a bit better, which I don't think I really know well enough still," she added.

Pearl says that it is time for Africans to tell their own stories, instead of Hollywood always having their actors star in uniquely African stories.

"How is Africa and their stories really going to get out there if we keep using people who are not African to tell the story? But if it has to be, then allow Africans to tell American stories as well. Which is not easy because America is a powerhouse and won't let it slid that easily," she said.

Watch her full interview below:

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