Saturday, August 13

We are not street kids - Siasia supports boycott of Olympics quarterfinal match

Nigeria Olympic team coach Samson Siasia has lashed out at how “disrespectful” the authorities have been to his team, saying he will now support the boys should they insist on boycotting today’s quarterfinal match against Denmark. The former Super Eagles coach Siasia said on Brila FM sports radio Friday morning.

“We have been disrespected from all angles – the sports ministry, the Nigeria Football Federation. Is that how you will treat your own children?
We are not street kids.We have only been paid allowances for 11 days. There is no match bonus. What of all the months we have been training in Nigeria and Atlanta? That’s not fair.

“I have not received my salary for the past five months.“Everything is upside down and the boys don’t want to play anymore. Whatever they want to do, I’m with them. They are right for fighting for their rights.The country already has a bad image, but through football it has got some good image, but still they won’t let us play.

“I have begged these boys, but I cannot do more than what I have done to get this team up to this point.“I have done my best and now I am tired.”

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