Monday, September 26

18yr old girl carves clay penises to remember every man she's slept with (photos)

That fifth one from the left tho!lol.. An 18 year old girl who is a fine arts student has carved ceramic penises in memory of every man she says she has slept with. Lily Heaume decided to create her first penis replica after receiving a rude message from one of her lovers.

Instead of texting him, she channeled her anger into carving a life-size sculpture of his penis and writing 'liar' across the front. Her work was displayed at the Hampstead School of Art end-of-year show and quickly snapped up by keen buyers hoping to have a penis collection of their own. See more below...

Each sculpture has also been inscribed with a personal message. One of Lily's willy's includes the phrase: "Stop calling me."

Lily told Lad Bible: "I didn't disclose whose is whose.Luckily, two of them I'm still friends with helped me out but one got a bit sour and awkward about it. "They're only made from memory, it's not like I've put a little name tag next to each one."

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