Tuesday, September 20

Amber Rose claps back at critics as she goes sexy in new fashion campaign

While her sexy figure and stripper past are elements of her life she openly discusses, Amber Rose has faced criticism for subsequently speaking out as a feminist. And the 32-year-old beauty is now firing back at her naysayers, telling MailOnline exclusively that they attack her because they have no understanding of feminism.
'Those people don't understand what being a feminist means,' she said. 'It doesn't upset me, but it can become frustrating.
'They contradict themselves by saying my past makes me not good enough for something. They would never tell a man he can't do good and try to help people because of his past. More double standards.'
Amber, who founded the annual Slutwalk to call for an end to rape culture, added of what being a feminist means to her: 'It means to want equality.'

As for the barrage of negativity she often faces on social media, the Philadelphia native said: 'I ignore it and I kill them with kindness.'

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