Monday, September 5

Malia Obama wears 'Smoking Kills' tee-shirt at Philadelphia festival (Photos)

Malia Obama wore a tee-shirt with the words 'Smoking Kills' written on it at a music festival in Philadelphia on Sunday, few weeks after she was pictured puffing on a suspicious cigarette that claimed to have contained marijuana at Chicago's Lollapalooza.

She was pictured with a friend at the Budweiser Made in America Festival, with the wise message displayed on the front of her top.

The 18-year-old, is taking a gap year and will attend Harvard in 2017, also sported a crimson baseball hat with an H on it - a nod to her future alma mater. Malia has suffered from asthma, and her father Barack has recounted in the past how scared he was when she had trouble breathing at just 4 years old.

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