Wednesday, November 30

11 year old Sierra Leone girl cries out over unusual breast growth

An 11 year old class five pupil, Mamie Sam in Sierra Leone has cried out, calling on government and other humanitarian organizations to come to her aid after her breasts became unusually swollen.

Mamie who resides with grand parents at 9 Poimie road, Lago square section Sebwema town, told  Awoko that some time last year, after going on a fishing expedition with her grand mother and other women in the town, she noticed her breast becoming large.

At night, she said her breast became itchy,giving her sleepless nights and as the itching continued, so did the length of her breasts.

The following morning when she went to school her class and school mates were provoking her and there after she stopped going to school almost a year now. She started her schooling at the Ansarul Primary School from classes 1 to 3 and then continued to Roman Catholic Primary School from classes 4 to 5.

She maintained that her parents have sought medical attention at Nixon Memorial hospital at Segbwema and several herbalists within the community but no improvement. She described her breast as a big load on her adding she does not know why God put such punishment on her.

Her grand father Saidu Moriba said this is the first time he is seeing such wonder in his life time, and that they are baffled as what to do to save her from this trouble. He revealed that several prayers and sacrifices have been done on her behalf but the problem still remains and they are asking for assistance.

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