Tuesday, November 22

Fans fight over Toyin Aimakhu's silence on Seun Egbegbe's iPhone theft saga

So a fan with the username osahon87 took to Toyin’s IG page to say she should speak up for her ex Seun Egbegbe who is currently in trouble over iPhone theft, because he needs her now and another fan felt she shouldn't do that because Toyin is a BRAND. An angry Osahon then replied saying, so you mean Toyin is a brand now, but when she was cruising his car around town, she wasn't a brand right? Lol see their convo below...

•  osahon87@aimakhuolutoyin Its not fair. Go and speak for Seun Egbegbe, he defended you during the Mayowa Ahmed saga. He needs you now. You cant sit back and let people slander him freely. You once loved him and I know a part of you still does. Continue...

•  fauzybeey@osahon87 use your brain! What happened then to toyin's case was MISCOMMUNICATION, this egbegbe's story is STEALING, you need to realize her name is a BRAND. She has to stay away from anything that will tarnish her image hence people will think they both steal together.

•  osahon87@fauzybeey she is now a brand in Seun Egbegbe's trying times. Wasn't she a brand when she was cruising his car around town? Speaking for him is calling being a friend. At least she knows him better than us. Love and friendship comes with sacrifices. How can a sane head believe they stole together. Toyin pls say something.

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