Friday, December 9

Super Falcons ready to wash dirty linens in public

There is fire on the mountain and the ladies ain't running anywhere from Abuja until they get paid. Remi Tinubu is already speaking for them in the house and many other women and people in position of authorities should do same too.


Super Falcons are threatening to tell the whole world their ordeal after their hard fought victory at the 10th Africa Women Cup of Nations (AWCON) in Cameroon.

Falcons piped hosts and neighbours, Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon 1-0 in Saturday’s AWCON final in Yaoundé to claim a record eighth title but back home on Sunday still held up in hotels waiting patiently to be paid their entitlements.

A Falcons player who will not want her name in print said their patience is running out as they are
left with no other option than to engage the public to tell the whole lies and sordid experience in the hands of the football house, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

“We do not hope to engage in streets protest carrying placards to tell our sordid stories, I think we are decent persons rather we intend to engage the media in a press conference to open up to the world.
“The press conference is hopefully going to hold latest on Friday except the NFF steps in quickly to meet our demands.
“Our demands are quite simple – NFF should pay us our money inclusive of match bonuses and other entitlements.
“These entitlements cumulatively should see each player receive over Twenty five thousand dollar ($25,000), that’s from the qualifying stage to the AWCON final in Cameroon.
 “We are not too keen over state reception which to us is merely a privilege we want our bonuses paid which is strictly a right.
“We have actually worked for the money and we need it urgently to take care of ourselves as well as dependents.
“Many of us have pressing needs for the money like those who have burial of dear ones to take care of.
“Our families are waiting for us we want to go back to reunite with them, it’s unfair and dehumanising to keep us chained to the hotel rooms.
“It’s uncharitable that after the NFF executive secretary, Dr Mohammed Sanusi spoke with us on Tuesday nobody else has bordered to know what is happening to us.
“Unlike the report outside that we confiscated the AWCON trophy there is no truth there, the trophy is with us because we brought it back what we need is our money nothing more.
“We are not doing anything with the trophy neither has anybody asked for it, we simply need our rightful money not even extra to take care of ourselves especially this yuletide season,” said the unnamed Falcons to

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