Friday, December 2

Young Nigerians on the mission to change Africa (photos)

On the 18th November 2016, a group of young and vibrant Nigerians Nysc Corp members to be precise paid  a visit to Living Fountain Orphanage. They were fulfilling their duties as the charity community development service group.

As much as they had such obligation as a cds group, they seemed to be more committed to the development of their society. more below...

In an interview with the President of the CDS group, Sanni Sheriff about why they visited the orphanage, he said:

"We as nysc corp members are mandated to belong to a cds group during our service year as the essence of the community development group is to ensure we contribute immensely to the development of our resources; energy, creativity, talents etc. 
We visited Living Fountain Orphanage because we felt most of the children in orphanages need more impact through love, care and attention so we decided to divide ourselves into groups. Arts and craft, music and dance. 
We also contributed a few items within our capacity to the home. It was an awesome experience as Mama,  Lady Bethy Obieri the founder of the initiative welcomed and also prayed for us" We hope the Nigerian youth will also see light in this endeavour as positive impact in our society is of essence "

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