Sunday, January 22

Amir Khan absent from brother’s wedding in Bolton to train in the US

Boxer Amir Khan reportedly missed his brother Haroon’s wedding party on Saturday and spent the day training in San Francisco instead.

Haroon celebrated his wedding to wife Arifa at Bolton FC’s stadium in front of 1000 guests but Amir and his wife Faryal Makhdoom were apparently not among that number.

Amir's sister Mariyah is reported to have acknowledged the boxer's absence in a speech at the ceremony, mentioning Amir couldn't be here because of training camp.

“The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for Amir. He loves his wife but he loves his parents and his siblings too.
“He’s also close to Haroon because both of them are boxers so to miss his wedding celebration has caused him some angst. But they both understand that he’s in the middle of a training camp and he can’t interrupt that to attend the celebration.”

It’s just the latest dramatic development for the boxer. Khan has been embroiled in a very public argument between his wife and his family for months.

The feud started when Faryal posted a semi 'naked' selfie on her Instagram – and Amir's Muslim parents were allegedly disappointed to see their daughter-in-law wearing very little clothing.

Earlier this week, footage allegedly showing Amir Khan pleasuring himself was leaked online.
The X-rated clip shows a man - believed to be the boxer - performing a sex act on himself.

Khan was allegedly recorded performing the act while video chatting with a female model on Skype.

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