Wednesday, January 18

Yahoo boys beat trailer driver to Coma in Lagos accident

An accident occurred at Akiode bus stop on the popular Ojodu Berger road, Lagos involving 3 alleged Yahoo boys and a trailer driver around 3:30am on Tuesday.

A passer-by who gave his name as Charles Flames said ” The trailer driver was on his lane and was trying to dodge the guys with 3 different cars who were allegedly coming from a club on high speed and trying to use the U-turn”

Two of the guys had passed successfully except for the last car which was not so lucky as he brushed the trailer driver who in an attempt to avoid head on collision with the car swerved into a building and ended in a gutter while also destroying entrance to the house.

The Yahoo boys hurriedly came down, broke bottles and beat the living day light out of the driver who was later rushed to the hospital by a good Samaritan as he had gone into coma immediately, Charles said”.

Adenusi O, an FRSC official who was on ground alongside his team, also said ”he had contacted Lagos state emergency management agency (LASEMA) to evacuate the truck as it was causing heavy traffic on the road”.

Although the boys are nowhere to be found, the police say investigation is ongoing and truth will prevail in no time.

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