Wednesday, February 15

Korede's Thought: The struggles of life

Though life brings its ups and downs. That's the world phenomenon, and it actually keeps the world in balance.

Yet, both the falls and the risens don't have to let go
'Cos cutting down the head is not the remedy for headaches. Life is like a round playing ball on a rough pitch, where everyone in the world is a player.

Each and everyone struggle to get the ball to their side. Some muggle another ball into the field of play but with limited time they play and lose.

Enjoying unlimited time of play in this game lasting longer in the ocean of life without being devour by the sea whale.

Hardwork without relenting and being diligent in everything we do, give us the ability to shine. And with endless seeking of the face of God, holding on to our faiths and truths.

Loving and respecting everyone around us, we're sure to swim and arrive at the shore.

And that's how Korede sees it. 

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